Error when playing mp4 on TV

I am trying to develop an app for smart signage displays and am currently testing it on a tv I have on hand. The tv is giving me the error PLAYER_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED_FILE when I try to do avplay.prepare() after opening an mp4 file with . Does anyone know why this might happen? it is very frustrating. Here is my code:

tizen.filesystem.listDirectory(tizen.filesystem.toURI("wgt-package"), e=>console.log(e))"wgt-package/video.mp4"))

is there a list of supported file types somewhere? Surely mp4 is supported as it works on my emulator.

I’m using the model un75tu7000fxza and according to the media specifications I found, mp4 is supported

After further research, I have a theory.
I tested another mp4 file here are the specs:
resolution: 3840 × 2160
format: H.264
audio: (no audio format)

My failed file has the following specs:
resolution: 1080x1920
format: H.264
Audio: mp4 aac, 48000 Hz

So my theory is that the player doesn’t like verticle video? in which case I will need to rotate the video and test again.

Hi, did ti work with the rotated video? To me it seems that Tizen / Samsung is NOT able to play only videos in 16:9. To be honest I don’t understand how can someone develop a system meant to be used on TVs without such little support for video playback.