How to sign transaction using Coin type other than the Supported coins in the keystore?

I’m looking to automate the transaction process in an android application using SBK. There are 5 types of coins supported in SBK and there are their corresponding SignTransaction methods. I have coins in a different Coin type in my account, say Litcoin. Is there any way to automate transactions through those using code.

I tried to add a function in the ScwService class but it was a read-only file. Please help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance.


SBK is a hardware wallet. It only helps you to store your public private key pair. If you want to add another coin in your android app, you can add by using third party libraries. But SBK will not give you any space to store corresponding key pair. So if you want to use functionality of SBK you can only use the coins that are supported.

It is not possible to add any thing inside the class that is provided by SDK.