How to support Popup Video on Samsung internet

When clicking popup video it says that “This website does not support popup”, the big question is, how to allow and/or support popup video on our website?

The fullscreen does work, but I cannot figure out what is blocking or what should be changed about the video/page to allow for the popup to work.

Hey can you try this?

In Samsung internet go to Settings–>Useful Features–>enable Video Assistant

You can also link your website to help people troubleshoot your issue.

Thanks, video assistent is turned on, otherwise the fullscreen or pop up video icon would not show up in the first place I guess.

I have found this problem to be somewhere within videojs. See for example the video on : .

I would like to know what Samsung Browser expects so I can communicate to videojs what the actual problem is.

Is there any documentation on this?


Thank you for reaching the Samsung Developers Forum with your query.

The pop-up player from Video Assistant in Samsung Internet is an android UI-based video player using Android Media Framework. The URL of the video content is required to launch the pop-up player. Currently, videojs, youtube, and other notable websites use the MSE video type, not containing a video URL.

To allow support for the pop-up video player, you will need to provide the video URL; in other words, you can not use videos of MSE type. Even if the video assistant introduced support for MSE video types, it would not work when you close/minimize/open a tab. For example, you may use HTML5 video type to add support for the video assistant on your website.

I hope I was able to answer your query.

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Samiul Hossain
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For anyone running in to this using videojs:

The overrideNative setting has at some point been set to true where it was false before. When using the native playback the pop-up works, example:

videojs('playerId', {
  html5: {
    vhs: {
      overrideNative: false

This is for videojs 7.10.1+, for earlier versions the default seems to have been true.