How to use onSetReturnKeyType?

On the IME Application Guide I found a function called onSetReturnKeyType which allows us to set the type of the return key to be set; the following values are acceptable: default, done, go, join, login, next, search, send, signin. Exatly this is what I’d love.

Is there any way to call this function from a web application?
I have three fields on a page and I’d love that to show the “Next” on the soft keyboard on the first two field, and show “Done” only on the last field. This is exactly what is available on Android devices, and it seems to me that Tizen has this concept. The big question how to use this function? Is there any simple example? The IME sample is not functional, unfortunately.
Thank you and take care,

Unfortunately, there is no guide on these API . Guide should be available for every apis available. They only provide API references.