I can't export APK

I use Galaxy Themes Studio in Chrome, however, when exporting my APK from the error! What is going on?

Haven’t seen that one before sorry. Could be a temporary issue, I know there have been server resource issues lately? Did you try later? :slight_smile:

Which brings up a question, where do you tell GTS the location to download files (STP/APK) or does it just default?

I resolved! I used Theme Studio program :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Unfortunately, I can do download the PREVIEW APK. When downloading APP to send to Galaxy Store, the same error! Even in browsers like Mozzila and Microsoft Edge.
I have already started a new theme, and the problem continues!
In the 2019 version there is no download error, I can do download. However, for version 2020, the error is displayed (image attached). I produce the theme in version 2020 and then they are in version 2019.