I have a question about topic portfolio work

I have a question about topic portfolio work. :joy:

  1. **(3) different designs (a total of three sets of app icons and 18 UI screen designs).
    ->If so, I wonder if you submit one PSD or three PSD.

2.I wonder how to work with a portfolio of animated screen locks.(lock.jpg)

  1. I wonder if I should make a theme sound.

I need your reply, please. :heart_eyes:

Submit a single PDF containing at least three (3) different theme concepts , with each concept including the six (6) required UI screens.

These are not necessary and if included could be used to judge negatively as well as positively

See Tony Morelan’s blog to get all the information on how and what to submit.

Samsung Developer Relations

I want to encourage that you continue your great work, have a nice day!