Portofolio submission porblem

In “WOW! Becoming a Samsung Mobile UI Themes Designer” video on youtube you said that I need to make one design of six-screens…and when I done with that I surprised at the website that you want three different designs which is too much for the only submission !!!..also In Youtube you compressed the six files to be attached with the application …but in the website said to convert the six-screens to pdf!!!..what are exactly the requirements?

I’ve seen on this forum where some people recommend three different designs, however as far as I remember, I’ve never seen anything “official” from Samsung… anyone know where it says officially that three are needed for a submission? And please provide a link to where it says three are required, thanks.

The requirements changed after Tony did the WOW video. He will be updating the video and try to add other information about the changes in requirements.

The application requirements are 3 designs each with 6 images all in the same PDF.

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