I want to register your app signature (SHA256) and app package name in

To whom it may concern,

We would like to register our app to be able to use Samsung Privileged Health SDK! (we already have benn granted access) for commercial use, as we are planning to publish our app into Google Play store in the coming days.

We understand that we have to give the following data:

  • Approved app name : Horus Hydro
  • Contact email : jesus.prada@horusml.com
  • App package name : com.horusml.horushydro
  • App signature (SHA256) : D9:ED:6E:79:8E:A5:5E:31:0A:1E:5D:43:42:C9:92:D3:78:CD:F4:B9:29:4B:59:1C:17:59:9D:17:ED:E9:C1:4D

Anyone can tell us exactly where and through which channels to indicate this information (if doing it here is not enough)?

Kind regards,
Jesús Prada.


Go to the Samsung Developers Portal Partners tab

And ask the question there.

Samsung Developer Relations

I do not see how to ask any question there. Can you provide me with a more specific link?

Thanks in advance.

Jesús Prada.

Sorry I was wrong, ask in the Support tab.

Samsung Developer Relations

I have already tried to to this here: https://developer.samsung.com/dashboard/support, but it ges stuck after clicking Submit. I have tried five times in different days and no luck. Is there another way to open the request?

Does the acknowledge button stays showing even if you press OK I asked on that and apparently it goes away but not as expected. I need to open a bug report on it. You should bet an automated email if it was submitted. If that isn’t being generated let me know and I can work more with you.

Samsung Developer Relations