I wonder how to download the previous version

[WFS] I wonder how to download the previous version.

1.2.6 version installation file is required.
May I know the download link?

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thank you.

Here you are

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WFS should be able to open previous versions but not newer versions. I wonder why you are seeing that message. Did you delete the file/folder before installing the 1.2.7 version?

Just curious in case this happens again.

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Thanks you.
I am very happy with your help.
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hello. I installed the latest version.
But I found a bug.
Bug description:

  1. In the complication, set the app shortcut icon size to 30x3.
  2. Some apps look too small when actually running on the watch. (Example: Google Assistant, YouTube)

have a good day.

I checked version 1.2.6 and it looks the same as 1.2.7.
It doesn’t seem to be a WFS issue.
As the firmware is updated, the shape of the icon changes, so the small size app shortcut icon looks strange.
Appropriate size seems to be 46x46 or larger.

If this worked in previous WFS versions…
Wear OS added a new library recently and I assume that WFS 1.2.6 built with that library.
My thinking is some of the complications may not have updated yet and that may be the reason.

But that is just a guess, I know that some complications seem to do what they want no matter what the designer does.

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