Old versions of Watch Face Studio

Friends, colleagues, hello everyone, tell me where you can download the old version of Watch Face Studio for example Watch Face Studio 1.3.13 I can’t find the archive section, it was always in sight now it was removed?

Any help thanks

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I could post the EXE file here Zipped but it might be too big and get me Removed from the Forum . I don’t believe the new one 19 was ready for release and I have gone back to 13 for now . Truth is I have stopped doing anything . I don’t want to waste my time I lost a Days work Already .

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I just also checked old versions were previously visible in download area. We need the last previous version 1.3.13.

Why force us to use new watch face studio?. I although still have V1.3.13 installed. But need in case of something goes wrong on my pc.


Please check my drive. 4 versions uploaded: Watch Face Studio - Google Drive


Thanks my dearest friend for sharing the link . :grin: :ok_hand:


Thank you very much for your good work friend! Best wishes!


it saved me a lot of time! thanks for sharing the link!


Thank You for sharing but, Do you have the old Mac versions?

Sorry I only work with Windows. I don’t have the versions for Mac.

Thank you for your reply.

I also work with MacOS. Which version do you need?

The oldest as possiable that support wear os 2.0
may be version 1.0 or 1.0.3
i have a fossil watch powered with wear os 2,
the newer versions of watch face studio
no longer support my watch to test the watchfaces on.
thank you.

No, the oldest WFS started with wearOS3. WFS was created to support the new watches from Samsung with the back then new OS (begining with galaxy watch 4), not older watches.

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I was able in the oldest WFS to run watchfaces on my device non-samsung ( Fossil ) powered with wearos 2.0
but with the latest versions i can’t use the same watch to test my watch faces on the same tool WFS.