Old versions of Watch Face Studio

Friends, colleagues, hello everyone, tell me where you can download the old version of Watch Face Studio for example Watch Face Studio 1.3.13 I can’t find the archive section, it was always in sight now it was removed?

Any help thanks

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I could post the EXE file here Zipped but it might be too big and get me Removed from the Forum . I don’t believe the new one 19 was ready for release and I have gone back to 13 for now . Truth is I have stopped doing anything . I don’t want to waste my time I lost a Days work Already .

I just also checked old versions were previously visible in download area. We need the last previous version 1.3.13.

Why force us to use new watch face studio?. I although still have V1.3.13 installed. But need in case of something goes wrong on my pc.


Please check my drive. 4 versions uploaded: Watch Face Studio - Google Drive


Thanks my dearest friend for sharing the link . :grin: :ok_hand:

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Thank you very much for your good work friend! Best wishes!