IAP order api parameter question

It’s very nice to add the ip order API to the Galaxy store

I have a question while I’m looking at the document
parameter requestDate is the ability to specify a specific date.
I understood that a specific date is the date when the purchase and refund occurred, is that correct?

However, in the case of a refund, it is very confusing whether the refund was requested or the refund process was completed. Can you pass me the exact information?

I want to apply order api as soon as possible
thank you

Welcome to this forum.

In the case of the refund, requested date is the refunding completion date.

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Thank you for answer!!!

one more question
for test the order API, IAP purchase status needs to be changed to refund, how can I test this?

Will it take a long time to answer? Or is it missing?

Sorry for the delayed response.
You can test the API with the previous cancelled purchase history.

Thank you.

You may contact with the Samsung Galaxy Store Seller Portal support channel in this case.

Thank you for anwser!!!
i will use support channel

There’s one thing I’m worried about.
There are no parameters for the time, so i must always search for a list for the same date.
If the number of payments increases, i will need to fetch a lot of data.
If continuationToken is unique, i can save continuationToken and fetch it from where i need it,
is continuationToken unique? Or is it a value that keeps changing?