Implement H.264 10-bit hwdec via MediaCodec

Hello Samsung developers,

here is a report on github 10bit H264 with hardware decoder black video image · Issue #371 · mpv-android/mpv-android · GitHub
and there a user and a video player developer tested that on Samsung devices with Mali V52, Mali-V76 and Mali-V77 video processors and later supports H.264 10-bit.

The problem is that you have not implented H.264 10-bit hwdec via MediaCodec for your Exynos processors. More details see in github report.

Please fix it in next Android 11 update.

You can communicate with Samsung Developer Support team officially for any feature request.
Here is the link- Support | Samsung Developers
Please share full details/video demo with the report.


No problem I just created it can you fix it in next android update the 3 points I said?

The video file can not upload, why see in report, you need to download it from github report.

Thank you for participating in the Samsung Developer Forum. However, this is not the correct forum for Android or Samsung Mobile bug reports, questions or concerns. This is for 3rd party developers.

I believe in github they felt this was a Android issue not Samsung.

Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed at some point but I’ll leave it open for a short time in case others have suggestions.

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There is a software problem in your Exynos video decoder for video decodings. It generally lacks support for H.264 10-bit and 10-bit Yuv format output if the hardware supports it and your current Exynos processors support this video codec per hardware.

This is not an application problem but a system problem in your Android version for your Samsung devices.

I created it with video file and full details, see

But samsung developers ignore the report and want me to write to consumer support, this is illogical because consumer support can’t solve developer problems and help.

HI Sundru,

The issue was that the GitHub report and items submitted by you do not include enough information for the Developer support team to forward a report on. The Developer Support team is to support 3rd party developers and cannot possibly try to reproduce the error based on the report. It takes someone to create a dumpstate log and other resources that show it.

If it isn’t a bug but just a missing 10 bit decoder then that is a feature request and should go to the product team

In both cases the Members App on the Galaxy mobile can gather the relevant information and the correct Developmental team can be notified

Does this make sense, I understand it can be confusing and may seem like the right hand can’t scratch the left leg. In this case the left leg is on a different person in another state.

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I know the Members app and it’s a consumer app it doesn’t solve any problems and doesn’t get any response from Samsung video player developer.

The problem here you can reproduce 100% instantly in any current Samsung device (Exynos), you just have to play the video file in the default Gallery app and you have your matching log file.
It is not a bug report as you sure know. You have not implented a 10-bit decoder for H.264 in your Samsung devices (Exynos). The thread is also called “Implement H.264 10-bit hwdec via MediaCodec”.

You are a Samsung developer and know about this problem and it would be very helpful if you can send it internally to the right Samsung developers directly. It is very important because I heard that in the future Samsung Exynos processors will run on Windows ARM version and there hardware support is even more important. Because on Windows there is real desktop class video player software and will have more possibilities for users and application developers than on Android.

Samsung Android Development team is working on something that is years in advance. Once something is out to the public the product manager of the component is who fixes bugs or adds features.

I’ll see what I can do to escalate it internally. You can do the same thing using the Member’s App or reporting it to your service provider.

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