Samsung S21 ultra secure decoder issues - AVC 4.1 and 3.2

Since the recent firmware update the Samsung S21 cannot play encrypted DASH content on codecs avc1.4d4020

This is not a problem if L3 Widevine is forced as then another decoder i used.
This is present across a range of Samsung devices as I can see issues with our customer analytics data.
Any update from Samsung?

Can you share screenshots or screen recordings of the issue? You can also share the logcat if possible. It would help the developers to solve it.

The samsung S21 is at the top. Note that this is 100% reproduciable without two phones running in parallel.
Other Samsung phones that produce the issue are the Samsung A02s, S21 5G, A11, Tab A (2017) and more.

Track changes that produce the issue:

From track1 (avc1.428015) to track3 (avc1.4d4020) (repeatedly)
From track1 (avc1.428015) to track4 (avc1.4d4029) (repeatedly)
From track2 (avc1.428016) to track3 (avc1.4d4020) (Just Once)
From track2 (avc1.428016) to track4 (avc1.4d4029) (Just Once)

Note that this is using the Harmonics encoder as other encoders do not produce the issue. Video Playback Failures and Video Start Failures may be seen depending on the track selection.
I’ll send a snippet of log shortly.

Hi Nuke, attached in the log
s21_ultra_codec_issue.txt (34.1 KB)

the key part is around the illegaStateException, [] and

Thank you for looking and let me know if you need further information.

Can you please provide me with a screenshot of your device’s about phone page and the software configuration page (S21)?