iOS sender failed to cast video to DMP

I use the latest Smartview SDK v 2.9, on XCode 12.2.
I can find the Samsung TV and connect to DMP, but when I play it nothing happens, no error message either. confirmed the video url is working. the same issue when casting photos. the official demo has the same issue: GitHub - SamsungDForum/SmartViewSDKDefaultMediaPlayer2.0: This application demonstrates how to send a video,audio,photo content URL to a default media player app on TV and how to control the playback and make a list of the content from mobile.

TV info: Samsung 7 Series (55), version: 2.0.25, Tizen 5.0


videoplayer = service.createVideoPlayer(appName)
videoplayer?.connectionDelegate = self
let url = URL(string: “”)!

Here is the XCode console message:
MSFD → serviceFound Optional(“uuid:67e95024-1b3e-4843-aa57-100f6320cea8”) Optional(“”)

MDNS → serviceFound uuid:67e95024-1b3e-4843-aa57-100f6320cea8

search → onServiceResolved ignoring

search → onServiceResolved

getStandbyMode is success

This TV is not there in the list

search → onServiceFound

Service: { id: uuid:67e95024-1b3e-4843-aa57-100f6320cea8, name: [TV] Samsung 7 Series (55), version: 2.0.25 }

service.isDMPSupported true

start connecting

secure URL is

Servie type is : samsung smarttv

onConnect ---- Error is nil


Content URL is : Optional(“”)

previousConnectedTVList saved successfully for TV [TV] Samsung 7 Series (55)