Is it possible to create hosted web based Tizen TV app?

Dear Samsung Support Team,

I am currently exploring the development capabilities of the Tizen TV platform and am interested in creating applications that are primarily hosted on a web server. Specifically, I would like to understand if it is possible to develop a hosted web-based application for Tizen TVs, similar to how web apps function on other platforms, where the majority of the app content is delivered from a web server.

Could you provide information or guidelines on the following:

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    Is it possible to develop a hosted web-based app for Tizen TV?
    If so, what are the key considerations and limitations in developing such an app?

Any additional resources or documentation on this topic would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Hi Twisha,

Welcome to the Samsung Developer Forum!

Hosted web apps can be developed but require a partnership with Samsung. You can sign up for a TV Seller Office account and ask about this in the 1:1 QA section. If you partner with Samsung, documentation will be made available to you on this topic.

You can find additional Smart TV documentation on the Samsung Developer portal.