Is there a concept of themes/styles in Wearable Tizen.NET Xamarin Forms / XAML?

I expect a concept of themes/styles on Tizen.NET Xamarin Forms / XAML but cannot find it. It is just a guess that it might exists and I would like to get a confirmation. I sort of expect to find a list of style/theme properties like “AccentColor”, “ForegroundColor”, “BackgroundColor”, “BorderColor”, etc. Is there a dark and light themes?


I have not found any package for themes that Tizen.NET provides to easily integrate with Xamarin Forms or XAML. But you can use the theming concept of Xamarin Form. As Tizen inherits the functionality of Xamarin Form you can easily utilize it and I hope this will fulfill your needs.

Xamarin Form documentation is a good place to start. Also, they have provided a sample application that is pretty helpful to understand the concept. I hope this is helpful to you.