Is there a conditional line based on date?

I would like to create a date indicator. The day will be highlighted based on the day. the indicator should move to x position based on the day of the week. is that possible to do?
Screenshot 2022-10-09 221705

I have a cut-out of the days of the week. So the days are transparent. i made this in Photoshop.
Behind this I have a long image with a default colour
Infront of the default colour image but behind the transparency I have an orange image.
I set the Tag on the X position to move across the screen as the day ticks over. The 40 in the Tag represents the pixels it will move to the right each time.
The image shows how to do it.

I think this is what you are after or gives you a start.






Hello, you can check the example file I put in answer to similar question.

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Here’s how I would do it.
For each letter, make a version with just the letter and another with the gray highlight circle.

Then, using S for Sunday, as an example, set the opacity for the highlighted “S” as 0%, unless it’s Sunday. In the Color Properties of the element, the opacity is a percentage to the right of the color.
Click the number, then click Tags.
Try this tag: [DAY_WEEK]=1?0:-100
Now, if the DAY_WEEK = 1 (which is Sunday), the opacity will be 100%.
If it isn’t Sunday, the opacity would be 0%

For the non-highlighted “S”, do the same thing, but for the tag, try:

If it’s Monday through Saturday, the opacity should be 100.
Do that for each pair of regular days/highlighted days and it should do what you want