Is there some way to update app remotely?


I’m developing healt app and there is one condition that this app should be updated remotely.

In principle, they want to sell the client a watch with a pre-installed application, and if, let say, a new version of the application appear, they want to be able to update it remotely in bulk for everyone. So that they don’t have to go to each client separately.

I was wondering if develop it as a web application and link to external scripts?

If you are developing a Tizen application for Samsung Watches, you can upload the app in Galaxy Store via Seller Portal and update the application as well.

Yes, but this application can’t be public. It is for private company, that have few watches for their employes (checking if they are “alive”) and they have condition, that this app need to be updated remotely via LTE (watches will be nonstop connected to mobile internet).