Web app or native app? That's the question

Hello everyone,

I dont find any relevant information how to start my project, so I try it there.

My project will be app that check your health data and if some data will be out of range, this app send notificiation via sms / e-mail. For example, if your BPM will be under 40 - send notification, if you take off watch - send sms, if you dont move above 15 min - send sms and so on.

Now the conditions:
1 - this is private app - not for public (so no need to put this app to Google Play)
2 - I need update this app remotely (maybe samsung knox…?)

I usualy make websites, so html, css and javascript is easy for me, but it is good choice to make this specific app with web app or I should rather start with native app? Can some also help me, how I can update this app simply remotely for all of my clients?

I will be very thankfull for any advice.


HI Roman,

You need to do this with Tizen Studio which has both web app and Native app development.

You cannot access Samsung Health Data that is a proprietary algorithm that is not publicly available. With Tizen SDK you can access the sensor information but you will need to create your own algorithm to interpret the data.

There should be examples for Tizen Sensor API that you can start with.

I moved this to the Galaxy Watch - Tizen Web API topic .

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Hi Ron,

thank you very much for your answer, but I know, that Tizen Studio has both web app and native app, I already try it. I also know, that I need to create own script to get sensor data, I try examples too. Everythink is great, but I need re-create my question / problem:

1 - Can I create the same app with web api and native api or there is main differences, that I cannot create in html / js / css and create only in native C app?

2 - How I can update my app remotelly? Let’s say, that I create some app, install to 10 watches and give my clients. After same time I need update this. I dont want to collect all watchess from my clients. I need update this app remotelly. Every watches will be 24/7 connected to internet. This is question according my first question. If this is possible, can I create this app in web api and after update this app remotelly?

This is very, very important to me, thank you for any reply.


  1. In terms of health data, the major difference is Native apps have access to the raw Green IR light sensor. So if you only care about BPM there shouldn’t be a difference, however if you want to do more advanced HR analytics you probably want a Native app: https://docs.tizen.org/application/native/guides/location-sensors/device-sensors/#hrm_green

  2. I would suggest looking into the Knox Configure for wearables solution: https://docs.samsungknox.com/admin/knox-configure-wearables/welcome.htm

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Thank you very much Cristian, I am going to try this :slight_smile: