Issues with Samsung Health steps data - Validic Integration

Hi Team,

Our app has been approved as Samsung Partner and I have received the dev access code. The app I am working with uses Validic to upload data from Samsung Health to the server.

Please find this link to know more on Validic Samsung Health integration

The issue I am facing is with reading steps data from Samsung Health. I have created a sample app with app id same as the one approved for the partner app program, please correct me if I am doing something wrong here

I could see the Samsung Health prompt, but I see the “Daily Step count trend” permission is missing from the prompt. I could see my app listed in Samsung Health Data permissions page. However, I don’t find the “Daily Step count trend” permission. None of my Samsung Health Listener methods are triggered for any change in steps.

I am using samsung-health-data-v1.4.0.jar along with Validic libs.

Appreciate your help on this.



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Please contact through Developer Support Channel to get assistance regarding this issue.

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