Tracking Step Count through Samsung Health

Hi Team,

Our app was recently approved my Samsung as Samsung Partner.

I am running into a few issues in with Samsung Health. Please find them below.

We are experiencing this issue with Samsung Health where we no longer see “Daily Step count trend” in the Samsung Health prompt for permissions. Please find the screenshot below where “Daily Step count trend” is missing. However, we see all other data types in the prompt and we are able read data from Samsung Health successfully. Daily Step count trend is the only data type we are having issues with.

We are using samsung-health-data-v1.4.0.jar along with other Validic libs. We made sure all the data types are included in the Android Manifest. We are requesting for permissions using the below sample code.

SHealthManager.getInstance().requestPermissionsForDataTypes(“”,“”, “”, “”);

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Please contact through Developer Support Channel to get assistance regarding this issue.

Thank you,