July updates to Note and Galaxy Tab have broken Android MediaRecorder

I am using the Android MediaRecorder setMaxFileSize() and setNextOutputFile() to make audio recordings that are broken up into small chunks, so that a single 10 minute recording might be broken up into 100 small files rather than one large file, for instance.

As of the July 2020 updates to the Note 10+ 5G and Tab S6 (the two devices I have closely investigated this problem on) that chunking no longer works properly. During a single continuous recording, each file gets progressively smaller than the previous one, by between 40 and 100 bytes per file (roughly), so that eventually the file size is too small and the Media Recorder stops recording.

Two recordings using the same codec will see the file size shrink at the exact same rate. For instance, the second file will always be 40 bytes smaller than the first file, and the third file will always be 79 bytes smaller than the second file.

Two recordings using different codecs will see the file size shrink at a slightly different rate from each other.

On Samsung phones that are yet to have the July update, using the exact same build of my app, all files are identical in size, except for the first file which is typically 1 byte longer than the rest, and the last file, the size of which will vary depending on when Stop was pressed.

This is a serious bug that breaks my app.

What should I do to get it fixed? And what can I do to work around it till then?