S23's OneUI 6.0 update destroyed MediaRecorder's API sound quality


I have been developing a music app for years. One of its key features is recording audio of musical, loud instruments. Because of an outstanding microphones quality Galaxy S-series phones have always had, I have been using Galaxy S since S7. I had S7, S8, S9, S20 and now S23.

My app uses standard Android’s MediaRecorder APIs with AudioSource = CAMCORDER by default or AudioSource = UNPROCESSED as I have discovered the latter one produces tenfold better sound quality while recording loud instruments, such as eg. drums.

After OneUI 6.0 update on my Galaxy S23, the sound quality IS A RUBBISH. For first time ever, Galaxy S-phone audio recording sounds comparable to low-end A-series.

I have enumerated pretty much ALL AudioSources and NONE of them produces good sound quality.

The difference between OneUI 5.1 and OneUI 6.0 is so significant that I truly consider switching to iPhone as this is one of the most crucial part of me using a smartphone as both musician and software developer.

Please help me how can I either reconfigure my Galaxy S23 or amend the code so that the recording quality of MediaRecorder is comparable to system’s Camera app that still produces excellent results.

I can attach sample recordings for reference if needed.


Did you test this to see if it was only Samsung or other Android apps that have the issue?
You can submit a support request for Android apps they require some additional data so adding a snippet of code would be useful.

If this is on all Android devices they may not be able to help but if it is only OneUI 6 they should be able to help.

Samsung Developer Relations


Thank you for your reply.
As far as I know, this issue is related to S23 series OneUI 6.0 only as my friend’s S21 FE for instance did not suffer from this issue after OneUI 6.0. I do not have full insights about other manufacturer’s devices to figure out if this is really OneUI 6.0 related, or maybe Android 14.

This issue applies to all non-Samsung apps that has any kind of recording capabilities (for all apps that use Android Framework’s MediaRecorder API).

If you can test this on Samsung Remote Test Lab

If you can’t open the support request.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you, I have already created a support request and is ongoing. Samsung Test Lab would not let me to reproduce the issue as I need loud environment, such as rehearsal room with acoustic drums.

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