Kiosk mode requirements

Hi everybody,

I’m developing an app for Galaxy Watch Active 2 with .NET that will run in kiosk mode and have a few requirements. It’s a personal safety app and the watch should be totally locked down to a specific watch face and the features of the application. No menus, settings, widgets, apps…

  • The app monitors location, wifi access points and bluetooth beacons and makes periodic https calls to our backend. This background processing needs to not be paused. Is this possible using .NET or do I need to make a service app using native?

  • I want to capture long press on the home or back button in my app to trigger an alarm, think personal safety alarm. When creating a profile in the Knox Configure portal, I can disable the default behavior of the hardware home and back buttons and also provide an application id.

  • Can I place an outgoing phone call from code without any phone ui that the user can interfere with?

There is an alarm app that intercepts 3-presses on the home button, makes a phone call and sends an sms. Could I use this in kiosk mode? This would be great.

  • If there is an incoming phone call it should be answered automatically, possibly checking against a whitelist.

  • If I put an app in kiosk mode, disable the home key and select a watch face in the portal, how will the user switch to the app UI?

I guess I need to do some experimentation but any pointers from the community to get me going in the right direction would be very welcome!

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no direct Tizen API/features to reach your objective. But Samsung Offers Knox SDKs for such tailored requirements.

Maybe you’re already aware of and have checked the Knox SDK documentation.
Welcome to the Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables (

++ How to Create a Single-Purpose Kiosk Mode with Knox Configure - YouTube

As not every developer is enrolled with Knox Program, I guess you may not receive many responses here. Better to reach the Knox Support Team for assistance.

Samsung Knox | Support

We have a partner agreement and are pushing the app through Knox Configure, kiosk mode etc. So locking down to our app is working fine.

But I still haven’t figured out how to capture the button events or place the phone call without user confirmation, automatically answer incoming using the Tizen API:s. I will check out the Knox SDK, maybe some of this can be done with that, given that there are components on the device itself.