How to create a single purpose watch?

Hi everybody,

I am developing a watch which should be able to collect sensor-data and send it to a server. For the user receiving the watch, it should show nothing else but a customized Watch Face with a company logo added. Even when rebooted etc., it should not be possible to see/use other features than that. The watch will be sold for this purpose with the software included - and therefore it will not be an App on the App store. So basicly it should “overwrite” the operating system somehow.

How do I do this the best way?
I have looked into Kiosk Mode, but is that the way to go for this?
I know it can be done, as I see other companies have it that way.


I think you can use Pro-kiosk mode from knox sdk.
Also it can be implemented with alarm api’s, but I think you should go with kiosk.

Thank you.