Launching Tizen Apps from HbbTV app

Myself and my team develop a HbbTV app and are investigating if a running HbbTV app is able to launch a native Tizen app installed on the TV and also deep link into a specific location (where that’s supported by the native app). So far we haven’t been able to find a mechanism that allows us to do this.

We thought perhaps that the window.tizen object would be available in the HbbTV app which would allow us to call the native APIs as is the case for example when running a native app that uses a web view. But the window.tizen object does not appear to be exposed in the HbbTV container.

I’m asking if anyone knows of a mechanism that can achieve launching a native Tizen app from a HbbTV app, like an undocumented feature for HbbTV apps running on Tizen that allows us to make calls to the native APIs or some other way of launching native apps?