Low Battery Expression

How does the Boolean expression work in [BATT_IS_LOW]?

I’ve tried these two and they are not working, at least not working in the emulator.
([BATT_IS_LOW]==1) ? 100: 0

Hi, in documentation it states the tag returns either 0 or 1.
Maybe it is another topic for feature request: add battery states to preview settings.
Currently when you put the tag in a text field it shows 0 even if the battery slider is on 0%.
Same goes for the battery charging, there is no way to test the design in preview.
In device section there is only the battery % slider.

I see, I assume the [BATT_IS_LOW] will be triggered when the battery % slider is below 15%.

I agree and will add it as a suggestion.

@X9_Studio I’m not sure what triggers Battery Low it may be a percent or it may be a time remaining factor.

I couldn’t find the exact description in the Android docs.

Samsung Developer Relations

It looks like [BATT_IS_LOW] is related to charging state, I missed the description where it states it has two conditions that must be met.


Yes, it would be great to have charging state simulated in preview like GWD does.