Mapping Sleep stages from Samsung health Connect

I am collecting sleep data from Health connect api. Majority of my data is coming from samsung devices.

I am receiving a lot of data with Stage value to be Zero from health connect. According to health connect sleep stage 0 refers to “Unknow” stage. Samsung health generates only 4 sleep stages Awake,Light,Deep,Rem. I am not able to understand how apple connect is recoding a stage 0 when that information cannot be shared by samsung health.

I want to know how samsung health sleep stages map to health connect sleep stages. Where can I find this information?

I’m gong to guess you have already read the two tutorials
Accessing Samsung Health Data with Health Connect
Reading Body composition with Health Connect…

There not of any use, but I wanted to point them out for others.

You might ask this in a Developer Support Request

Maybe someone else can suggest a forum for Health Connect issues.

Samsung Developer Relations