Masking of complication request


"Complication slots are already masked you can change that if you want to. It is the bottom item in the complication named Slot Bound

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I mention masking of complication.

But i not talking about that mask. I talking about adding a image and used the mask function to get difference color effects. The slot bond cannot changed only resized.

Thanks for clarifying that. I misunderstood the intent.


Hi can add this into one of the request?

Probably not.

See FAQ 13

You need to request that be changed and I don’t know if this is a WFS restriction or Watch face format limitation

Samsung Developer Relations

I suppect its wfs restrictions not watch face format
Because i read complication inner element e.g parttext can have rendermode = mask

@amoledwatchfaces maybe u can shed some light…you seem to have more knowledge on watch face format

@r.liechty_SDR and @amoledwatchfaces ?Any comments here?

In Watch Face Format, you can do anything you want in side ComplicationType element, masking, transforming, even making gradient progress bars. WFS currently is very limited in this. I bet more features will be added with upcoming WFS versions. Question is, how deep WFS team will go with integration to WFF. I think they’re aiming to provide tool for everyone, not just skilled devs with more knowledge, so some advanced things will not be added. Hard to say what will happen. We will see :slightly_smiling_face:

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