Range Value Complication

I think there is a bug. When I create a Range Value Complication in WFS and then on the watch I choose - empty, the bar remains visible. Everything is hide (text, title, icon), but bar is not

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It is because the background of the progress bar is a fixed image. If you make the background transparent , it will disappear when the slot is empty.
It is the same as another layer added to the complication group, and appears even if the slot is empty because it is not connected to the complication data.

Thx for reply. Yes, I know, but is any solution to hide progress bar when data are empty?

Edit: Transparent background is not good, I need show end of range

As far as I know, there is no way for this…
It needs a feature request @r.liechty_SDP

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Set the color to anything but White. It should disappear at least it does on my Watch5 Pro.

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I have blue color 30% background, on watch 4 doesn’t dissappear. I’ll try on watch 5 pro later

I had a watch OS update just before I tried this today. That may be why it worked for me.

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Yes I see it with 30% background I was using the Default 10%

I’ll submit a feature request.


Thank you Ron
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I think it was resolved from the latest version.

Fixed to hide all components in complication when provider is set to empty.