Math functions with tags

I see in the on-line manual that I should be able to do [SEC_IN_DAY]/86.4.

I tried adding a digital time box and putting in this expression in the Text Field box. I get the number of seconds and “/86.4” displayed after is ( example 36512/86.4 ). What I’m after is the value of the expression.

What am I doing wrong here?

Once past this mark, I’d like to do something that puts 00 in front of values 0-9, and 0 in front of values 10-99. Help with that would be appreciated.

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You need to add parentheses “([SEC_IN_DAY]/86.4)” to get the math operation value. You can see the value in the right-side RUN window and you can simulate the value by changing the time.

Got the simulation thing working before hand, but good of you to mention that just in case.

I tried parenthesis but was putting them in the wrong place. Thought the surrounding bits had to be [ and ], but I think the manual was really saying those needed to be around the known system tags. My mistake.

Now I just need to use the round or floor functions and the number format function and I think I’m there.

Thanks for the help.

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Already found how to make the hour hand go around once per day, so analog French Revolution time is easily achieved there.

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