Digital Clock - Parts of Number Possible?

Is there a way, using tags, to have the seconds value separate the two digits, the left and the right, so as to have a different bitmap font for each segment of the seconds? In other words, how would I create this sort of look for seconds without creating 60 different images?


Update: sorry, wasn’t thinking. I would need an image with the opaque tag to show or not show based on the seconds, is all.

Hi @dlo1579881831,
I am not sure though, are you looking for something like below screenshot? Where you just need to set the ICU format as “ss” and add 10 bitmap images for 10 digits.


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actually you would need 6 images for tens, another 10 for units all added as separate layers and set each layer to show or hide, in loop on time line or using expressions.

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Thanks. Yes, I used tag expressions to hide or show the parts of the time. It is working well in the 12 Hour format which I use, but I will be adding the 24 hour format option as well, so I’ll need to add more duplicate images and hide or show according to the 12/24 format. Seems to add up with a lot of images!