Migrating b2bapis.b2bcontrol.getCurrentTemperature

I’m trying to migrate a SSSP app to new Tizen API b2bapis.b2bcontrol.getCurrentTemperature => webapis.tvinfo.getTvInfoValue(“BOARD_TEMPERATURE”)

If I try to run my app on my Samsung TIZEN-B2B-TRUNK2023-PontusML-LFD-HOTFIX-RELEASE_20230810.1 QM43C device I get an error TypeMismatch

maybe because the BOARD_TEMPERATURE enum doesn’t exist in webapis.tvinfo.TvInfoKey

is it a bug or do I miss something?

Is this still an issue?

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron, yes it’s still an issue but I’m trying to open a TT on partnerhub.samsung.com

thank you