Moving object

Hello Dear Watchfaces creators

can anyone help me and advice how to make objects to be moved around another object using tension movement by each 5 sek?

Best regards

Hello, maybe if you would describe it more how should it move. Like ticking around in a circle? Maybe would be easier to place 12 same items on the spots and let them display 5s each on time line.

Hello Peter,

I thought to use some expression. I would like to make this object to be ticking around circkle and use some 20% distortion like the effect for watchhand, but I am worrying if there is even possible.

Best regards

If you want tension movement like the second hand does, but for other element I don’t know about way how to do such in GWD/GWS. To run around circle in 12 positions can be used expressions, I just cant test it right now.
X: ((([s]>4)([s]<10)-([s]>54)+([s]>24)([s]<30)-([s]>34)([s]<40))0.5+(([s]>9)([s]<15)-([s]>49)([s]<55)+([s]>19)([s]<25)-([s]>39)([s]<45))0.866+([s]>14)([s]<20)-([s]>44)([s]<50))R
Y: ((0-([s]>4)