Animation as watch hand?

Is it possible, easily, to use an animation as a watch hand?

I have 5 images, and the animation would cycle through and back each image, on repeat. Using as a second hand, so the hand obviously has to move in it’s normal fashion whilst cycling through/animating

Hope this makes sense?

To add more to this, I have tried importing separate images via the animation import, but don’t see an animation can be allocated as a watch hand?

Also saved my animation as a gif, and loaded as a watch hand, but this only shows the lowest layer, and doesn’t animate…even though the file dialog does show the animation…

Hi GlasBeard,
You could do it with 60 animations 6% apart and have the Opacity set by the Second Tag.
I believe when adding a .gif to GWD it is converted to a .png file.

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Hi and thanks for this.

I’ve looked at tags in the past and got completely lost! I may have to rethink this face.

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

The best way to do complicated tags is to write them down in a text editor one condition at a time.
it is all a matter of true (not zero) or false (zero)

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Hello, problem here is, that the animations do not have rotation property where some easy expression would fit all the need.
If you would be still willing to put in 60 animations layers (one for each second position - very tedious for one ticking hand I think), the expression for opacity in each one would be like from 100*([s]==0) for the first one to 100*([s]==59) for the last one. But maybe even time line loop could be used instead.

I think I’ll need to pass on this idea. These tags confuse the life out of me, and yes, adding 60 animations for one hand seems a bit of overkill.

Thanks anyway guys.