Multi-Camera API

I’m trying to use the multi-camera api in a Samsung Galaxy A32 and S20 but I don’t get any Logical Camera from de cameraIdList, Have anyone tried this API and gotten any Logical Camera?

This is the code that I used:

val cameraManager : CameraManager = getSystemService(Context.CAMERA_SERVICE) as CameraManager

for (s in cameraManager.cameraIdList) {
            val characteristics = cameraManager.getCameraCharacteristics(s)
            val capabilities = characteristics.get(CameraCharacteristics.REQUEST_AVAILABLE_CAPABILITIES)!!.contains(CameraCharacteristics.REQUEST_AVAILABLE_CAPABILITIES_LOGICAL_MULTI_CAMERA)
                Log.i("TEST_CAMERA", "This is a Logical Camera $s")
                Log.e("TEST_CAMERA", "No Logical Camera $s")

Please check this Multi-camera API  |  Android Developers

Thank you

Yes, I already checked that, but I did not get any logical camera in the cameraIdList.