Next Watch designers August session


I’m a New designer on Samsung, i Come from Huawei watches and now developing on Samsung, which is realy best!

I’ve been waiting for a while to first publish on Galaxy Store but i wait the next session in August. Is there a date already for this session? What will be the duration of this session?

I’ve read there are some exceptions possibles, is it possible to have one…? My future and familiy life are greatly dependent on the result of this session… I realy want to join Samsung an go on developping for this great brand.

I’d like to have at least an opinion by someone experimented like Mr @r.liechty_SDP to know if my Watch Face proposal would be accepted.

It’s an hybrid WF with 3 change colour zones allowing 2128 colour combinations , gyroscopic effect creating reflection on subdial texts, 4 apps shortcuts, AOD face, material design.

I Can send photos by PM

My creator name/brand is Zebra.

My name is Fabrice Calac, i’m french.

The dates are listed on the design review page. Read the page and understand what they want.

The number of designers that will be accepted is going to be small (the ecosystem is closed) but everyone will be fairly judged.

Samsung Developer Program

Thanks a lot for your feedback.