Rejected/Accepted Galaxy Watch Designers

Good Day to everybody.

The email just came in with the information, that “my application to become an approved Galaxy Watch designer has been rejected.” The cited reason is that “My application did not meet the criteria for creativity, originality, or attention to detail. You are welcome to apply again with a revised version of your design(s).”

I am fine with revising my designs, but the feedback gives me little information, as to what they did not like - the feature, the design, the general concept, my cover letter, my lack of design certificates? I don’t assume that Samsung will give any more detail, so I thought I’d share the designs here, in the hopes, that some of you guys might have input. To be honest, it’s not super exciting to continue working on a watch-face which already cost many many hours, without knowing what Samsung actually wants to change.

If anyone reading this got accepted as a Designer, I would be very interested in what features and designs you added to the Watch Face, so that I have some kind of direction what Samsung wants.

If Samsung reads this, please provide more detailed feedback what you like/dislike.


These are the two designs I submitted. Both use my service, to sync your calendars to the watch and give you a 24h representation of your days events. I thought that was pretty cool :woman_shrugging: but I guess not.

Mission Overview:

Longitude Calendar:

If you have any feedback on the designs or the feature, I am very open to it.

If anyone else wants feedback on their design / implementation, I’ll gladly take my time to give some :slightly_smiling_face:

Stay safe everybody

Hi, if you want to be accepted, you must present a simple watch face that is easy to understand, after you are accepted you can publish these applications that you showed in the photos, anyway I leave you several Watch Faces so that you understand which applications pass the request…

  • MatteoDini

  • USA Design

  • YA Soft

A lot of current designers on the store would not be accepted if they actually had to apply! :smile:


No !! If you have a simple watch face you will be rejected that is not what they are looking for. Samsung has enough watch face designers they don’t need more.

I believe they send out the same letter to everyone they reject but at least they send out a notice.

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Hello, I got rejected with same words. Those are very diplomatic and leave us guessing if there was just one problem or all 3 or even something unspoken on top. Or they just searched for something they did not even find this round.
I am not putting my watch faces here, they are not good example.
What I learned from this is:
-to offer (I did) unique original feature nobody else has on watch face is not enough
-to make it clean and pretty is not enough, because its subjective
-to get direct answer what was bad cant be expected, because correcting just that can not grant any future success. There will come somebody better again or something else will be searched.

Hi Ron, I did not understand simple as design, I meant simple to understand, the images that I published were only a sample so that you could see that they should be simple to understand for the funal user, anyway what I said above was an assumption as a designer, I cannot say the exact reason for the rejection because I do not work for Samsung and I was not present at the review …

Returning to the topic, I would like to know if that message has to do with the design of the Watch Face or is it just a message sent automatically when the application is not accepted for different reasons? :thinking:

The images you posted are from Sellers already in the program, not from Sellers that had to go through the approval process. The OP can get the same examples, and more, from the store; I would not say they are good examples for anyone to use and be accepted, and even though MD’s designs are great, I could create the other examples in 30 minutes.

And I’m sure it’s the same as with themes, there is a generic rejection or acceptance, message sent.

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It is a standard response sent to all those rejected. It is not a automatic message triggered because someone is not accepted.
This round there are going to be a high percent of rejections simply because there is a high number or request.


Yeah, I will follow this strategy for the next Review. Maybe I will make the two I posted here a little ‘fancier’ but mainly I’ll try to create a unique watch-face, which is unique due to its design and not its features.

To be honest though, what I want in a watch face as a user is primarily more unique information (eg. Calendar information, like I did). I don’t want another watch face with the same ten components stitched together, but novel information based designs.

Sometime before the next review period I believe the Samsung Developer Program team will have a discussion with the review team to see what we can do better.

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