No touch events while button is pressed

We’re integrating the S Pen SDK in our app and we would like to duplicate the system behavior where drawing while the button is pressed will erase but while the button is pressed I am not getting any motion events in my view.

In fact as soon as the pen touches the screen I get an UP event from the S Pen SDK with a DOWN event when the pen is lifted again. Is there anything I’m missing here.

Are you working with the deprecated S Pen SDK or the newly introduced S Pen Remote SDK?

I’m using the latest version of the new SDK.

The S Pen Remote SDK provides functions to identify motion coordinates remotely and checking if the side button is pressed. As far as I know it does not provide you the functionality to work with screen touch events.

It doesn’t not, but I’m not using the SDK for touch events. I’m using the regular View.onTouchEvent for that. The problem is that I want to replicate the standard S Pen behavior where drawing while hold down the button erases but as soon as the stylus touches the screen the SDK reports that the button was released (even though I’m still holding it down)

Thank you for this info.