S pen remote sdk button event is not working

I followed and ran the S Pen remote SDK code, and the air motion event worked well, but the button click event did not work. I am using Tab S9.

Hello ksep4747,
Would you please submit a support request here with the following information so that our development team can analyze the issue?

  • Your app (APK) if the issue is not reproduceable from the SDK sample app
  • Issue reproduction video
  • Dumpstate log

To take dumpstate log please follow the below steps:

  1. In the Phone Application, enter *#9900#
  2. Set the Debug Level to Mid.
  3. Wait for the device to restart.
  4. Open the app you want to debug and reproduce your issue.
  5. After reproducing your issue, enter *#9900# again in the Phone Application
  6. Select Run dumpstate/logcat
  7. Select Copy to sdcard Navigate to the log directory that was created on the device using the My Files app or a Windows PC with a USB cable connection.
  8. Send the dumpState in a Zip file.
  9. After you have finished, you can follow steps 1-3 again and delete dumpstate/logcat and return the Debug Level to low.

Please note that the device’s log buffer is cleared after 15 minutes so it is important that the log file is captured within this period of time.