"not for use by third-party applications" API functions

What exactly is the point of those Tizen native API functions that are marked as “This is not for use by third-party applications”? For example system_settings_set_value_bool is such a function. It requires the http://tizen.org/privilege/systemsettings.admin privilege. Is there any way to use this function? Can it be used in a closed, enterprise only environment?

system_settings_set_value_bool API requires platform level privilege.
The platform level is the highest privilege level, and an application that needs these privileges requires at least a platform-signed certificate, which is granted to vendor developers. This type of privileges restrict access to certain APIs to protect the integrity of the device and safeguard the user’s data.
Please have a look into this link for more detail.

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Thanks, I was not aware of those three levels of access. Very interesting!