Flight mode event


In order to save battery, I am turning off flight mode to sync data from server and turning it back on when work is finished which is working fine.

But I have requirement where user turns off flight mode then it should be turned back on after 30 mins. But I found no api which tracks and sends callback events.

Which api should I use to receive flight(airplane) mode change event?


Check this link- https://docs.tizen.org/application/native/tutorials/feature/app-connectivity-usage/#getting-the-mobile-cellular-network-connection-state
It may help you to check flight mode status.

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So far I know, due to some policy in Tizen there’s no API to control the Flight mode.
How about trying to launch Flight mode ( Settings menu ) from application so that user can enable/disable by their own?
Moreover, you may follow below resources to check whether the device is in the flight mode.


So far there is no event available for flight mode callback events. I have implemented work around using timer.

I can get status of flight mode using:
bool IsFlightModeActive() {
bool isFlightModeEnabled = false ;
system_settings_get_value_bool ( SYSTEM_SETTINGS_KEY_NETWORK_FLIGHT_MODE , &isFlightModeEnabled);
return isFlightModeEnabled;

and then I set a timer at 5 seconds interval which calls this function and checks the status.