Ongoing icon

I created an audio player app and would like to display an “ongoing” icon on compatible watchfaces when it is playing in background, just like Samsung’s music player and Spotify can do.

Is this possible using Tizen.Net?

I think you can only if you develop/design the watch-face yourself. In that case, you can transfer data between your music app and the watch face and showcase necessary info.
Other than that I don’t have seen any watch faces offering APIs to the 3rd party developers to integrate their app’s data to that watch face screen. I guess the watch faces you’re talking about were developed with Samsung’s music player and Spotify integration.

Thanks, safwan.xyz9. Actually I`ve seen this in several 3rd party watchfaces. It is a small animation which is also shown by Samsung Health when we walk, run, sitting idle etc. I believe there is some sort of API for this but maybe this has not been made available in Tizen.NET.

The Samsung Health animations are done with Galaxy Watch Studio since Galaxy Watch Studio has access to limited Health API. Tizen developers can access the sensors to create their own Health but are not able to actually access Samsung Health unless they are a Health Partner… And Health partnership has been closed for over a year.

My guess for you app, look at the notification API to see if there is something there.

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