Importing complications from default watchfaces?

Hello, i’m trying to design my first WF. I’d like to make something like the dafault “my day” watchface, thus displaying events as segments directly on the hours they are planned to. Is it possible to “import” this feature from the default wf into mine in galaxy watch studio? is there otherwise a way to manually create that kind of complication?
thanks in advice!


You can’t do this in GWS it takes interaction with the Calendar and GWS can only open the Calendar (Schedule) app if you set something as a button it is an option.

My Day is programmed into the System so it has access to applications that are not available to end developers. You can probably do this in Tizen Studio and an Android companion app on your mobile but that takes programming knowledge.

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Hi, thanks for the infos; i might still work on that as a programmer friend is interested in it too.
i have another question (should I make another post??) : is there a way to display the title of music or media that is being played? cannot find something about that in GWS

You need to run Music Player on your watch for that information. Just create a button an image or text box to open the music player Select Action -. Tap → Open App → Music Player
If you just want the song name you need to create a Android app on your phone and a companion
App on your watch.

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I think even this is not possible with GWS, no matter whether you have companion app or not. Maybe your programmer friend can figure how to make such watch face in tizen studio or another programming tool.

Might i ask if those kind of interactions work better on the new watches based on wear OS? Is it easier to gather the data needed for the kind of interactive complications I’ve been looking for?

It is harder with Wear OS Powered by Samsung mainly because of new privacy regulations on sharing or storing data. If the music player had a public API so a 3rd party could access the titles of the songs being played that would be a violation of privacy.

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