Opacity tag expression does not work on different language

I am a Japanese programmer working on to make “日曜日” which is “Sunday” in Japanese in RED, other day for black.
I am writing “([e]==1)*100” in opacity where RED “EEEE”, and another layer I also writing BLACK “EEEE”
this works if language is American English, but does not work if language is Japanese, why?

Hi @diamante30r ,

Did you run the watch face on your watch? The issue you have described reproduces on the Run Preview of GWS but it works fine on a real watch. So try to deploy the design on your watch and see whether it works fine or not.


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Hi Azad, Thank you for your reply and suggestion.

No I have not tried yet on watch, only on GWS. Ok I try on my watch. as [e]==3 because it’s TUE today.
tag [e] = 1, when SUNDAY, [e] = 2 when MONDAY and so on

I tried it on my watch and it worked!!!
Thank you Azad, you saved me.

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