PDF format for submission (Galaxy Themes)


In June, my theme was rejected but I’m not sure I sent it in the correct format?
it is indicated that it must be sent in PDF.

  • when I save it as PDF, do I have to flatten the layers before?
  • Should we keep the photoshop mode in the pdf?
  • the quality of the pdf?
  • the document I get opens with chrome html document, is that good? (view the photo)

Thanks for your help.

I was told the review teams opens them with a pdf viewer so as long as you saved it as .pdf it doesn’t matter if it if it is flattened or not.

The global theme applications that are rejected do not give specific information on why an applicant was rejected. If you are in US/Canada you can get information on why it was rejected since the number of requests is much lower.

Samsung Developer Program

thanks Ron.
last time I put the models on the PDF by arranging them six in a row (horizontally) but I guess it’s better to put them like on their 3x3 models.

we must now cross our fingers.

thank you Ron