My Theme Designer application again got rejected

My Theme designer application again got rejected.

Theme partnership request portfolios reviews are based on the following criteria: creativity, originality, and theme development ability. We suggest you study the Blog How to Become a Samsung Mobile UI Theme Designer

Pay attention to all the tips and reapply in the next open submission period.
Hope this helps next time

Ron Liechty
Samsung Developer Program

I also applied twice for the theme developer partnership and was rejected with the same generic response. I have to put to out there and say that the response above is outrageous. This again is just a general response that says nothing. People spent time on designing their portfolio and following the rules, closely considering the “How To” and after almost a month of waiting all they get is an inexact note? I already knew all you’re saying, so how should I know what’s wrong with my application? Is it the font? Is it the lack of creativity? Is the icon design? Is it the color scheme? What is it and how am I supposed to grow from this general note that I get? In my opinion these responses are irreverent and now they just made me lose interest in Samsung altogether.

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@mir1588838725 may I see some of your works, which you submitted before?? :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

This is one of the themes I submitted last time. I know it isn’t anything super sophisticated, in fact I saw some really great themes of other designers, but that’s the kind of theme I know many people like to use. And anyways I think each of us deserves a bit more respectful response than what we get.
Theme1.pdf (1.5 MB)

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@mir1588838725 such a cool design indeed, what software do you use to make this photoshop or others??

Thank’s, I use Illustrator, I find it a little bit more suitable for this than PS.

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@mir1588838725 i was submitted a zip file, whenever my work was done. Do you think is there any relation to submitting a zip instead of pdf can make rejection??

Yes, I think it might. Did you visit the “How To” page? There’s the starter kit there that you should download if you haven’t already and follow the instructions.
Can you show me some of your work?