Peculiar things of Play console about Watch Face rejection

Issue # 1
Recently i have found some peculiar things from play console team.
I have uploaded a watch face and appoved at first shot and live in the store. The aab file size is 4080 KB.

Later for the same watch face i have added translated languages with few countries. But 2nd upload was rejected due to basic functionaity.
Peculiar thing is for they have not rejecte it first time due to Basic functionality of app isn’t working as described. !!! which is just works fine.

Later i changed some translation again and its approved again ( but did not changed any fuctionality) !!!

Issue # 2
After few days i upload a new watch face which AAB file size is 3936 KB which is rejected as their common dialogue “Issue found: Watch face exceeds memory usage”
Uploading: image.png…

Peculiar thing is On issue one the file size is 4080 KB which is approved and 2nd watch face file size is 3936 KB which is not approved !!!