Playstore update rejected because of SPLIT_BUNDLE 10000005

The mail says the “Watch face exceeds memory usage”, but the build file was only 3.5 MB . I have uploaded apps which were larger than that. This is the app link: Gradient face 001 - Apps on Google Play

Edit: I had uploaded the app to playstore once. Then I made a small change by adding an image on the top and then added some 8 more images under it for users to choose from.

Here is the mail content

App Status: Rejected

Your app has been rejected and wasn’t published due to the policy issue(s) listed below. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play.

Issue found: Watch face exceeds memory usage

Your watch face exceeds the memory budget.

Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):

  • SPLIT_BUNDLE 10000005

About the Wear App Quality Guidelines

We do not accept apps into Wear OS that don’t adhere to Wear App Quality Guidelines.

Have you read the other threads related to this problem?

I searched with this “SPLIT_BUNDLE 10000005” code here, and didn’t get any result. So I thought no one asked. can you please link it here?

I’m facing same issue. I have just submitted my first watch face built on WFS 1.4.20. It was rejected because “Watch face exceeds memory usage”. I have checked the memory budget guideline (link below) and noted it should not exceed 10 MB. However, my release contains .aab package and assets that are below 10 MB.

  1. Package (.aab) 4.25MB
  2. Feature Banner 0.216MB
  3. Icon 0.391MB
  4. Phone assets 1.87MB
  5. Tablet assets 2.47MB
  6. Watch Assets 0.653MB
  7. Chromebook Assets NA

May I ask the learned members here what else have I missed? Is there a link where this issue is discussed here?

Try this topic

Some people have had success but most others have had the same rejection. I don’t think Split Bundle error is the Resource size issue but something else.

I think someone is using that because they don’t understand and testing for Wear4 features not available in Wear3 devices.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thanks I’ll try there. Just so you know, I was able to publish the app once with the older version of wfs. Later I just replaced an image and nothing else was changed when reuploading…

Good afternoon. There is a small issue with version numbers. Which exceeds the maximum and causes all applications to be rejected.

The new version 1.4.20 shows version 1 but actually generates version 10000001. Which by 1 already exceeds the permissible amount.

I think it’s a mistake that needs to be fixed.

Hi @dfr1597562573 , so far i know, the version name while PUBLISH is the version of your watch face. Like if you publish a watch face first time 1 put 1, if same watch face publish next time i put 2 etc. You may find a grey color note under version code, which suggest to use higher number versin. Also note, the version name referred here is not WATCH FACE STUDIO VERSION.
Version code will generate auto etc, i dont changed it while i publish. And recently watch faces rejected randomly from various designer, due to Watch face exceeds memory usage. I think its from play console issue.

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I released a watch face created from scratch. Build and tested it on my Watch 4 and it functioned very well (but noticed the battery was running out faster than before). The app has 5 shortcuts, and 4 simple, straightforward text > tag expressions picked up from the menu. Build size 4.12 MB.

It got rejected for “memory budget”. Nice …

sorry to hear that @ALITHIR .

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Not always but generally if you notice that the battery does not last as long after you tested on your watch the reason is you forgot to turn the adb debugging off. That will cause you to use at least 25% more battery for me it was closer to 50% more.

If you have users complaining about it and it isn’t a complication that requires Internet access I’d need more infomration.

It appears if your .aab file is over 4.5 MB in size the installed watch face is too large and rejected. Be sure to use a .png compression tool. The Galaxy Watch Team is trying to contact the Play Store team about this memory issue.

There are other errors such as not using Wear OS in the product description that will get you a reject too.

Samsung Developer Relations


What is the fix for the version number? The above posters are correct in that our version numbers are longer then they allow. I’ve quoted my E-Mail from the appeals case. I incremented my versions but 1

During review, we detected the following eligibility issue and were unable to accept your app for Wear OS:

  • Your watch face (version code 10000005) exceeds the memory budget.

Please update your app to fix this issue and make sure to deactivate the non-compliant app bundle for app bundle version 10000005. You can refer to the linked materials for additional guidance.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 132305

Screenshot 2023-07-12 132429

Hi @MDalton please follow above advise from @r.liechty_SDP .
Also this is not an issue of version code for your watch face rejection. This is about memory budget. If you reduced the size of aab file it will approve. Try to submit new one instead of appeals. Or else will reject again by google genius !

My aab file is 3 MB and my watch assets are like are like 500KB. Ive turned off the gyro and set ticking to 2s. Still get rejected. Like is the memory truly is THIS tight Watch Face Studio should show you.

Just groupped all my custom assets into a single folder.


only other assets I have is 2 built in progress bars to measure steps and battery, day, time and date comonent. on a black background

Hard to say if the limit is too low or WFS needs to be improved.

I have something similar, hugely optimized gradient png - 25kb - rotation based on SEC_MSEC —> memory budget rejections.

Are all these problems only associated with the latest version of WFS?
With the non WearOS4 related version of WFS I didn’t have these kind of problems when I uploaded my 8.5MB (abb).

I don’t have a good feeling thinking about WearOS4. I guess it will be no easy transition. :see_no_evil:

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I personally think it is the people that wrote the guideline meant assets (mages fonts and such) cannot exceed 10MB and the people reviewing the watch faces believing that to mean the entire memory footprint can not exceed 10 MB. But then I can be totally off base. :frowning:

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi Ron @r.liechty_SDP
Just to update here my status.
Today i have submitted one watch face which is approved

The AAB file size is 4150 KB

Here i use 4 aap icon, few images with MASK etc.
But one thing i am sure, no watch face exceeds 10MB, not even 4.5 MB (mine) but google should allows us to utilise all 10 MB, so that we can play with the design by ourself.