Place Value Tag works in WFS but not on the watch

The tag expression below works great on WFS emulator but it doesn’t work on the actual watch.



Try this
(([HOUR_0_23]%10) == 0) * 100
and it would work 3 times a day first hour tenth hour and twentieth hour
my guess is the watch is parsing it to
[HOUR_0_23]%(10 == 0) * 100

If that isn’t it then how is it not working.


I think I’ve found the issue, which is cache.

First, I imported bitmap for each of Ones digit for all the digits in 12H format (in yellow box) and added tag expression for 12H to each which works correctly as expected.

Since both 12H and 24H use the same bitmap for the Ones digits, I created the 24H format group (orange box) by copy and paste the 12H format group and replace the tag expression in each bitmap.

That works great on WFS emulator, but not on the watch because some cache from 12H tag must have been kept even though I changed the tag expression to 24H.

I did a test by importing a bitmap into WFS and assigned same tag expression. It works correctly on both WFS and the watch.

So you can’t reuse bitmap with assigned tag express by copy and paste?

Yes I’ve seen other instances of this with WFS. I think it is to save memory. It is like instead of creating a new instance of something it simply creates a “shortcut” to the original.

Thanks for the information, I’ll remember if anyone else has an issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

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